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Weddings in Turkey
Expert Planning Guide

Turkey is a modern country with a captivating blend of antiquity and contemporary and of East and West. Turkey has it all – fantastic fun-filled resorts, gorgeous beaches, breath-taking scenery, mouth-watering food and an incredibly rich culture to immerse in.

Turkey is fast becoming one of the most romantic destinations in the Mediterranean, thanks to its perfect blend of beaches, scenery and culture with its traditional souks and bazaars. The country offers a distinctively eastern feel with a Mediterranean twist, making it the perfect destination for tourism as well as destination weddings.

So, if marrying in Turkey is your dream then the good news is that the country offers many idyllic sites, beaches, mountains, resorts, and great cities depending on your preferences of theme, size and fanfare for your destination wedding.

With the help of a good wedding planner you can have a memorable ceremony and start your honeymoon right after your wedding without losing any time; maybe take a private tour or a Gulet cruise in the Aegean.
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From India, many direct and one-stop flights operate from Mumbai or Delhi to Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. The average flying time for a direct flight is 6 – 7 hours.


Indian passport holders are required to obtain a visa to enter Turkey. You may obtain a 30 day single entry e-Visa through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Turkey or through VFS Global.

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Istanbul and European Turkey experience hot summers and cold winters with snow being a common feature.

Spring and autumn, from April to May and from September to mid-November respectively, are the ideal times to visit Istanbul and the inland regions when temperatures are pleasant and the skies are clear.

Does your 'happily ever after' begin here?

Choosing the right destination is the hardest, but most exciting part. Let us help.

Leave us your contact information and our expert wedding planner will get in touch with you right away.

Getting Married in Turkey
Legal Requirements & Documentation

According to the Turkish Marriage Legislation and regulations, a Turkish national and a foreigner or two foreigners with different nationalities can get married in Turkey, which can be done only by the competent Turkish authorities. Two foreigners from the same nationality can marry in Turkey either in the offices of their own country's embassy or consulate or in the Turkish Marriage Offices run by local municipalities.

Please note that religious weddings are not recognised by the State, there has to be a civil wedding. All the marriages in Turkey, whether they are foreigners or Turkish, have to be conducted by the Turkish authorities and should be regulated according to the Turkish Civil Code and its related regulations.

Foreigners who want to marry in Turkey must provide their marriage licences issued by the proper Civil Status Register of his/her own country and prove that they're not already married at the moment.


1. Petition of the marriage. To start an action, the groom and bride must file a petition of the marriage in person at the Municipality (Belediye), called as "Evlenme Beyannamesi" in Turkish,

2. Passport and birth certificate, which has to be translated in Turkish by relevant authorities; this can be the Turkish Embassy in your country of origin or a certified notary in Turkey,

3. Health certificate, which has to be taken from a State medical institution in Turkey, and must be in Turkish,

4. Six passport size photos belonging to bride and to groom,

5. Certificate of Capacity to Marry (Certificate of Celibacy), which states if a person is single, divorced, or widow. To be taken from the proper Civil Status Register of his/her own country. If this Certificate is to be issued in the country of the foreigner then it should be certified by the Turkish Consulate or Embassy there. It should also be translated into Turkish and notarized, otherwise it will not be valid. The Certificate of Celibacy can also be issued by the Consulate of the country of the foreigner located in Istanbul which has to be certified by the Governor of Istanbul located in Cagaloglu neighbourhood. Or if it's issued by the Embassy of the country of the foreigner in Ankara then it has to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic in Ankara, and

6. Accommodation document. If both partners are foreigners then a letter should be written by the hotel that they're staying. In this letter, the duration of stay and date of departure will be written.

Turkish Weddings
Customs & Traditions

A male figure or close relative to the bride (usually a brother) wraps a red ribbon named the “Maidenhood Belt” around the bride’s waist three times before finally tying it.
After the formal signing of the marriage document, the bride or groom will try effortlessly to step on their partner’s foot to symbolise who has ‘dominance’ or who calls the shots in the relationship. More than anything it’s a good laugh for both the groom and brides families.

Wedding Locations in Turkey


Istanbul is a convenient destination for couples of different nationalities or foreigners wishing to marry in Turkey.

The reason being, that your paperwork gets done easily with consulates from most countries being based here, another reason is your relatives can fly in and out quickly and lastly you have tons of romantic and charming venues that give you limitless food, drink and entertainment options.

The Bosphorus of course comes to the mind right away with its splendid backdrop, you can sail away stylishly on a private yacht on the Bosphorus Strait or indulge in a fascinating palace wedding at the Ciragan Palace or the Beylerbeyi Palace.


Cappadocia may not have been on your mind when you thought about your destination wedding in Turkey and one can’t blame you for that. Not many people are aware of this magical, virgin destination for weddings.

The good news is that you can truly have once in a lifetime ceremony in this lunar landscaped paradise. For instance, a hot-air balloon wedding! Imagine telling your grandchildren about how you got married in the middle of the open blue skies with fairy chimneys and amazing landscapes below you – a much more exciting proposition than a wedding hall or a garden lawn.

After the actual ceremony you can continue the celebrations at Goreme Open Air Museum with a live band, a huge wedding cake, elegant flower decorations and a grand buffet of scrumptious foods.


Bodrum is one of the favoured locations for those seeking a seaside wedding in a romantic and exotic locale.

Bodrum makes an ideal backdrop to any wedding, with crystal blue waters, rolling hills covered with olive and citrus groves, and whitewashed buildings draped with bougainvillea.

The Bodrum Castle of St. Peter is a unique wedding location. Afterwards, party in one of the world’s most famous nightspots, the open-air club of Halicarnassus with its amazing floor and laser light shows. You name it, and you can indulge in it in Bodrum.


Celebrate the beginning of your journey together at Antalya. As every couple is unique, so are the many venues available in Antalya – known as the Turquoise Coast.

This is Turkey’s resort city with yacht-filled Old Harbor and beaches flanked by large hotels. Whether you envision a classic intimate ceremony or a more extravagant event, you can select from luxurious beach front venues or extravagant ballrooms at the luxury resorts like Marmara Antalya or the Titanic Beach Resort.

Selecting the right destination
is just the beginning!

Planning a wedding from afar can be overwhelming & stressful. Fortunately, you’re in good company!

We'll be there on your big day to make sure you don't have to worry about a thing! Our job is to look after every detail, so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Socials, Bachelorette, Bachelor &
Group Activity Ideas in Turkey

Sightseeing in Turkey

So, if you’re looking for a truly unique, magical and romantic destination wedding, then you really must consider Turkey. Known worldwide for its natural beauty, rich history, culture and the simply stunning Mediterranean and Aegean coastline, Turkey has everything a couple can wish for on their special day.

As a destination, it is within reach from all around the world and as a dream to get married there, a professional wedding planner can make it all happen for you.

So, go on and dream of the turquoise blue seas, the colourful local costumes, the amazing food and of course the unforgettable vacation that you get to share with all your loved ones!
Let's discuss your special day!
We are always looking for new ways to make your destination wedding the best experience of your life. If you have a vision, we have the means to make it happen.

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Whether you envision your ceremony on the powdery white sand beaches of Koh Samui or in a lavish palace in the Swiss Alps or in an oasis in the middle of the Omani desert, destination wedding venues and resorts can fit every budget and taste.
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