Wedding Planner Jobs

We're always looking for passionate, creative & dynamic wedding planners
to enhance our team and provide exceptional value to the families whose lives we touch.

Wedding Planner

  • University or College degree
  • 5 yrs. in a similar job function
  • Key Responsibility: Create winning solutions for our customers.
  • Essential skills: Conversant with wedding planning and with different wedding customs and traditions, Project Management, Budgeting, Creating proposals, MS Office, Excellent command over English - written & spoken


  • University or College degree
  • 5 yrs. in a similar job function
  • Key Responsibility: To ensure smooth & flawless project execution in line with commitments made to our clients
  • Essential skills: Venue sourcing, Vendor management, Artist management, Project management, Budgeting, MS Office, Excellent command over English - written & spoken

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