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Weddings in Uzbekistan
Expert Planning Guide

"Everything I have heard about Marakanda (Samarkand) is true, except that it’s more beautiful than I ever imagined.” — Alexander the Great

Samarkand is a part of the beauty ridden Uzbekistan. A desert kingdom, Uzbekistan has footprints of real ancient times. Uzbek, as it’s popularly known, takes you back lifetimes where souls would whisper to one another, a country that has seen so much and so many, countless empires with legendary names like Genghis Khan and Timur have contributed to the history of the country, which retains its glory in the beautiful monuments, museums and nature.

The azure domes of the many madrasas and mausoleums have a mystic glow. A lovely setting for wedding photography. The pretty majolica and carvings on the monuments will take your breath away. Your guests will come back enriched with stories and will love you for it. The food is closer to home with samosas and pulav having their origins here. A shopper’s paradise as the handicrafts carry a fragrance of people who make them.

Everything in this country is substantial, story-like and real just like marriage!
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Travelling from India to Uzbekistan is easy and hassle free. There are direct flights from New Delhi 5 times a week.


Citizens of India need to have a valid visa to Uzbekistan. Visas are issued within 2 working days.

For more information on application, application fees etc., please visit the Uzbekistan embassy official website.

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Uzbekistan has an extreme continental climate. Generally it is warmest in the south and coldest in the north. Temperatures in December average -8° C in the North and 0° C in the South.

Spring (April to June) and Fall (September through October) are in general the most pleasant times to travel. Humidity is low.

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Getting Married in Uzbekistan
Legal Requirements & Documentation

A 'Certificate of No Impediment', 'Certificate of Nulla Osta' or a 'Certificate of Freedom to Marry' is a definite requirement from India to get married in Uzbekistan. Please get in touch with your wedding planner who will help you arrange the same along with other documents that are required, which are as follows:


1. National Identity card or Passport,
2. Proof of address,
3. If divorced, Decree Absolute,
4. If widowed, Death Certificate of previous spouse (and Marriage Certificate),
5. If your name has been changed by Deed Poll, proof is necessary,
6. The relevant fee

The certificates may need to be translated, endorsed or exchanged for a locally acceptable version issued by the Indian Embassy in Uzbekistan. They need to be legalised, i.e., stamped with an official stamp known as an Apostille. They also require that witnesses swear an affidavit stating that you are free to marry.

Uzbek Weddings
Customs & Traditions

Traditionally, Uzbek weddings have been large events with many, many guests. Distant relatives, neighbours, friends and co-workers are invited to the main Nikokh-Tui wedding ceremony along with close family members and friends. Uzbeks consider the 7th, 17th and 27th days of a month to be auspicious and lucky days to get married.

The wedding ceremony has traditionally been held at the bride's home. The bride's parents treat guests to fried rice and sweets during the day. The newlyweds go to the groom's home in the evening after an Islamic ceremony is held.

Sometimes, relatives and friends of the bride "carry the bride off" after the wedding ceremony, and the groom has to offer gifts to "redeem" her. When the "carried-away" bride is "redeemed," she has to make a circle round a fire in the courtyard before entering the house.

According to tradition, a bonfire is made before the gate of the bridegroom's home. When the bride gets down from her cart, she must walk around the fire three times and then salute her father-in-law and mother-in-law , accompanied by her bridesmaids. Afterwards, the bride steps on the "Bayandazhi" and goes to the bridal chamber. There she is met by “yanga”, her relative or close friend. She changes bride’s clothes.

At this point, marriage songs are robustly sung by women guests. Upon hearing the songs, the bridegroom must go in room and “pays a ransom” for the bride to “yanga”. An old woman enters the room and holds a mirror before the newlyweds and asks them what they see. The bride must say “sun" while the bridegroom answers "moon". Afterwards, an old couple that has been married only once—and for a long time—lie on the marriage bed for a while

On the morning of the second day, the bride's family send a breakfast called "Yisilike" to the newlyweds, and a party called "Hujirkepai" begins. In the afternoon is a ceremony in which the bride's veil is removed. Female friends from both the bride and groom’s sides attend. After the evening feast, the bride and her bridesmaids come to a hall and a piece of flour-cloth is spread before them. Then, the bride' mother places flour and rice on her daughter's hands three times, which means that the bride is expected to be a diligent women. All people then shout for the bride to remove her veil. When she does, a roar of excitement flies from the room.

Wedding Locations in Uzbekistan

Tashkent is fantastic place to have a destination wedding. The natural, rustic and breezy charm will add an eclectic beat to your wedding. Emerald green parks, gardens, fountains imbued with crystal strands, glittering skyscrapers of glass and concrete make this city look spectacular.

Tashkent is the cosmopolitan capital of Uzbekistan and is a unique mix of the old and new. The caravans of Silk route have left impressions galore; shaping Tashkent’s personality. Interesting museums, great hiking, skiing and the beautiful Ugam Chathal national park will keep your guests busy. The Pearl of the East will add a special edge to your sacred celebration and will make it magical.

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Socials, Bachelorette, Bachelor &
Group Activity Ideas in Uzbekistan


The best way to have a bachelorette party in Uzbekistan is to pick an interesting tour, indulge in shopping and organize a home party in a guest house. Your wedding planner will help you arrange a good mix of these three.

One can take a road tour with friends and enjoy the beautiful monuments, natural beauty or take and eco tour to explore the natural scenic surroundings of Uzbek.

Do not forget to add a belly dancing session with friends and shopping to your list, as Uzbekistan is a shopper’s paradise.


For a bachelor party in Uzbekistan, Tashkent, the capital city comes highly recommended. Live your day watching the marvelous splendor this city has to offer. and head to one of the many nightclubs after sunset. Heady bars, colourful discos and groovy clubs, name it and Tashkent has it all!

One can also include a wine tasting tour at Samarqand. Uzbekistan has 14 wineries and your friends will love sampling the wines, especially the Gulyajkandoz and Shirin.

is a confluence of three mountain rivers Psken, Ko-su and Chatkal. The sight of the pretty blue waters with sunshine bouncing on the waves is breathtaking.

One can plan a day tour and have a group activity at this refreshing lake. Only an hour away from Tashkent, Lake Charvak is a fantastic place to take your family and friends. One can swim, go on a hike along the mountains and surrounding hills as well as paraglide or do a water scooter ride. The pristine air along with scenic surroundings is very refreshing.

Besides Lake Charvak one can take up the very many activities or tours in Uzbekistan. Hiking tours, gastronomical tours, tour to the Persian gardens on the Silk Road and Road tours are some of the group activities that are popular with guests visiting Uzbekistan.

Sightseeing in Uzbekistan

Having a destination wedding in Uzbekistan can be a unique experience. If you are exploring Uzbekistan as a wedding destination, do have a detailed discussion with your wedding planner who will suggest the right mix of places to make your celebration a special one.

A landmark on the Silk Road this bountiful country has a lot to offer. Take your wedding caravan to this unique destination on the Silk Road and leave an impression forever!
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