Bali, Indonesia
August 18, 2017

Weddings in Bali
Expert Planning Guide

The waves gently caress the golden sands, lush greens sweep at your feet as a tender breeze blows kisses to your face. The Island of the Gods is an apt name given to the tourist heaven - Bali. From beautiful beaches and dense jungles to amazing architecture etched in detail and verdant vistas that can’t be found anywhere on earth.

Balinese culture offers an extraordinary fusion of colourful Hindu traditions and an ethos that has remained unchanged for almost 1000 years. Bali offers an experience of being surrounded by natural beauty matched with addictive smiles from the locals.

Bali has become a popular choice for many couples across the world as a destination to exchange sacred marriage vows. Bali is one of the most romantic wedding destinations in the World. So long as you follow the rules, weddings conducted here as legal as anywhere else in the World. Bali has been the choice for many celebrities as an island wedding destination.

Bali has a bouquet of stunning venues to select from. Spectacular natural backdrops, combined with rich Balinese culture, are some of the reasons why we see a lot of to-be-wed couples longing for a destination wedding in Bali. No wonder a staggering 8000 weddings take place here each year.
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Bali is located to the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Its capital is Denpasar and also the International airport.

All flights from India are via a stopover at Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and it takes an average of 9 hours to reach Bali.


Indian citizens can obtain a 30 day non-extendable visa on arrival at Denpesar International Airport, Bali, provided you have more than 6 months validity on your passport and you have a confirmed return ticket.

The price of the visa is USD35.

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Bali has a fairly even climate throughout the year with day time temperatures varying between 20 to 33 degrees and humidity at 85%.

The best time to get married in Bali is between May and August, with June being the busiest wedding season.

Does your 'happily ever after' begin here?

Choosing the right destination is the hardest, but most exciting part. Let us help.

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Getting Married in Bali
Legal Requirements & Documentation

Based on Indonesian Marriage Law, couples must be of the same religion. If not, bride or groom should sign a letter stating that he or she intends to marry in one of each others religions without pressure from his/ her partner; the letter should be legalised by the consulate office or local government.

To get legally married in Bali, every couple is required to have, both, a Religious and a Civil Ceremony. Religious and civil ceremonies can be held simultaneously by inviting the parties of the government as a witness and guardian of marriage, so that the wedding ceremony is considered valid before the law and religious law.

The religious ceremony is performed by one of 5 religions recognised by the Government of Indonesia: Buddhist, Christian Protestant, Christian Catholic, Hinduism and Islam, and then legalised by the district Civil Officer. Muslim Weddings don't need a Civil Ceremony as the Office of Muslim Religious Affairs will issue Buku Nikah or Marriage Book which is recognised by all countries. Catholic weddings have to be solemnised at a Catholic church.
Indonesia’s authorities require all foreigners who wish to get a legal wedding in Bali to first file a ‘Notice of Intention to Marry‘ at the Civil Registry Office. One needs to fill out this form and attach the following documents to the application:

  1. Certified copies of passport (valid for a minimum 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia) and birth certificates,
  2. Legalized written statements confirming the status of each individual (single/ widow/ widower/ divorcee etc.),
  3. Certified divorce decree or death certificate regarding the termination of all previous marriages (if applicable),
  4. Eight 4×6 cm photos, both partners side by side, bride on right-hand side,
  5. CNI (Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage) obtained from your consulate / embassy in Indonesia,
  6. Catholics only: Reference letter as being single (unmarried) from the parish Church (bride/groom’s home country Church), Marriage course certificate of completion issued by the parish Church. Delegation letter from parish Church to the appointed Church in Bali,
  7. Muslims only: Wali Nikah / Proxy of Bride's family to lead the ceremony,
  8. Buddhists only: Fill in the Buddhist marriage blessing application obtained from Vihara wedding administration office,

Balinese Wedding Ceremony
Customs & Traditions

This marriage is best described as a dramatic elopement, where the bride is kidnapped by the friends and family of her husband-to-be. As part of the tradition, she fakes distress and pretends to fight off her kidnappers.

The bride’s family form a search party and return unsuccessfully, during which time, the groom and bride begin to live together as though they are married, making offerings to the gods. In a few days, both their families will meet and agree on a ransom for the bride. This will be followed by customary celebrations, as they are already considered married in the eyes of the gods.

This style of wedding is more common in Bali. The groom must formally ask for the bride's hand in marriage, there are a number of visits between the families, where gifts and food are exchanged. Once permission is given, the bride and groom will have wedding prayers at a temple, conducted by a priest, and are legally married.

Some Interesting Wedding Venues


There is a wide choice of chapels in Bali. The Infinity Wedding Chapel is among Bali’s most scenic venues for a religious wedding. It’s fabulous architecture and a shimmering reflection pool makes it a popular choice for couples across the world. The chapel is part of the world-famous Conrad Hotel.


Floating 35 meters above the Indian Ocean, this open deck venue which is part of the Ayana Resort provides crystal clear views of the horizon where the skies meet the water, making for a magical backdrop as you and your partner say your vows.


A place conceptualised, built and renowned only for magical weddings! Perched on the breath-taking cliff tops of Southern Bali, this venue is an architectural magnum opus glorified internationally for its visionary design and unique concept.


If you’re looking for an absolutely stunning location tucked away in the abundant lush rainforests in Bali, then the surrounding areas of Ubud rainforest are perfect. Opt for a breath taking riverside venue and say your vows under the luscious shade of palm trees as the gentle river gurgles away behind you.

Selecting the right destination
is just the beginning!

Planning a wedding from afar can be overwhelming & stressful. Fortunately, you’re in good company!

We'll be there on your big day to make sure you don't have to worry about a thing! Our job is to look after every detail, so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Socials, Bachelorette, Bachelor &
Group Activity Ideas in Bali


Whether you dream of a bachelorette party that involves yoga-ing and meditating in the middle of luscious rice fields, bargain hunting for knick-knacks at the local markets, pampering yourself at luxurious spas or dancing until sunrise, Bali offers great options to celebrate the last days of single-dom before making the ultimate commitment. Make your pick from fitness resorts, food safaris, bazaar tours to club hoping all night!


How does a bachelor bash on a private yacht sound to you? Add to that the tropical warm climate, small esoteric islands to venture out to, cocktail mixologists and gorgeous ladies to serve you the drinks. Spend the afternoon hanging with your best buddies as the beach BBQ goes on all afternoon. Bali has some fabulous beaches for ocean-loving grooms-to-be, on the lookout for a crazy bachelor’s party

Visit a traditional Balinese village, take a tour to witness distinctive traditions, cultures, rituals and architecture while indulging in local cuisines prepared in a village home. Trunyan village at the foot of Mount Abang is known to be one of the most isolated villages, Desa Tenganan village with its unique architectural layout, Penglipuran located in Bangli Regency known as the cleanest village in the world and Celuk Village known for its silver jewellery to name a few.

Bali has some beautiful sea-destinations like Nusa Lembongan Island, or the castaway cruises to a ‘secret’ bay in Nusa Penida or romantic sunset cruises around the bay waters of Benoa paired with a delicious barbecue meals. You can opt for a half or full day sea voyage to neighbouring islands. Bali’s colorful marine life and spectacular coral reefs are a must see.

Bali Sightseeing


The cultural icon for photography, a pilgrimage temple and a popular tourist attraction – Tanah Lot is a rock formation in the middle of the sea converted into a shrine. Tanah Lot means ‘Land’ in the ‘Sea’ in Balinese language.



Take a sunrise hike up an active volcano! Sounds exciting? Mount Batur is located at the centre of two concentric calderas North West of Mount Agung, Bali. Many travellers visit this place to enjoy the view and make the climb. If you are a nature enthusiast then a relatively straightforward trek to the summit of the central crater is a must do and an experience of a lifetime.


Fancy watching elephants bathing or getting a hug from baby orangutans? Then hop on the bus at the Bali Safari & Theme Park. With over 80 species from the Indian, African and Indonesian region, you can spend the day watching Spotted Deers, Himalayan Bears, Nilgai, Black Bucks, African Hippos, Zebras, Camels, Ostriches, Baboons, Blue Wildebeests, and Lions. The most epic on display are the legendary Indian White Tigers.



Get another suitcase cause you’re about to go shopping! From beautiful silk scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, baskets or hats; statues, kites and many other hand-crafted goods, the Ubud Market is a shopper’s paradise. The colourful display of wares and souvenirs will make you feel you’ve seen this place before. Of course in the Hollywood film – Eat Pray Love!

So, now you’ve got the perfect wedding dress, the perfect jewellery to go with, you’ve even figured out that dance number to perform with your girls at the sangeet night.

The only thought that’s still keeping you awake at night is the venue. You dread the idea of a regular mandap or the same star hotels where you've attended a hundred weddings. It’s your day and you want it to be unique.

You want everyone to remember your wedding and talk about it every time the word ‘shaadi’ pops up. 'Destination wedding' is a phrase you’ve said to yourself many times but never really thought how to get it all done.

The answer to that is to get professional help! This is the 21st century where even your laundry is picked up by professionals through an app, so why not leave the headache of a wedding to the planners?

After all, as the famous Bollywood dialogue goes – we fall in love once and marry once in a lifetime! So come fall in love with Bali at your destination wedding.
Let's discuss your special day!
We are always looking for new ways to make your destination wedding the best experience of your life. If you have a vision, we have the means to make it happen.

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Whether you envision your ceremony on the powdery white sand beaches of Koh Samui or in a lavish palace in the Swiss Alps or in an oasis in the middle of the Omani desert, destination wedding venues and resorts can fit every budget and taste.
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