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Weddings in Azerbaijan
Expert Planning Guide

The Land of Fire, as Azerbaijan is known, is a medley of sorts. Soviet buildings, Arabic food and Russian signs - the blend is a very interesting one, just like Indian weddings.

Home to the most ancient petroglyphs ever found, Azerbaijan is an ancient treasure. Triumphant mountains with beautiful scenery guard this beautiful country. Historic towns, semi-arid plains, wildlife, volcanoes, canyons, waterfalls and hundreds of kilometers of coastline is what Azerbaijan is made of.

Say I do as you marvel at the rolling dunes against clear, mesmerizing waters of the Caspian Lake, one of the world’s largest. The historical castles of Sheki will take you back an era and your guests will be transported to another time. The 18th century castles, mosques and palaces add to the romantic grandeur of Azerbaijan, a unique place for destination wedding.
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Travelling from India to Azerbaijan is easy and hassle free. There are direct flights from New Delhi 3 times a week.


Citizens of India need to have a valid visa to Azerbaijan. Visas are issued within 3 working days.

For more information on application, application fees etc., please visit the Azerbaijan embassy official website.

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July is the hottest month in Baku with an average temperature of 26°C (79°F) and the coldest is February at 4°C (39°F) with the most daily sunshine hours in July.

The wettest month is November with an average of 32 mm of rain. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is 26°C (79°F).

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Getting Married in Azerbaijan
Legal Requirements & Documentation

Legalities for getting married in Azerbaijan are simple. Applications must be submitted to the Main Registry Office (ZAGS) one month prior to the planned marriage registration date. To submit the application both partners need to go the State Registry Office with the following documents:


1. Valid entrance visa to Azerbaijan (for foreigners),
2. Passport,
3. If divorced, Decree Absolute,
4. If widowed, Death Certificate of previous spouse (and Marriage Certificate),
5. If your name has been changed by Deed Poll, proof is necessary,
6. The relevant fee,
7. Completed application form

All documents must be translated and notarised. It is advisable to contact your wedding planner to find out the exact requirements for specific circumstances

Azerbaijani Weddings
Customs & Traditions

Customarily, the first to come to the girl's house are two women - the groom's mother and one of his close relatives. As soon as the women come to an agreement, the head of families of both the bride and groom meet.

The relatives of the groom come to the girl's house for the engagement ceremony, bringing a ring, a kerchief and sweets. The sister of the groom, his brother, sister-in-law or the father put a ring on the bride's finger and cover her shoulders with the kerchief. Then the feast begins.

As soon as the groom's family has left, it's time for the hen-party. The bride takes turns putting her right hand on the head of each of her unmarried friends, letting them try on her ring. They say that the girl who is the first to try the ring will be the next one to get married.

Wedding Locations in Azerbaijan

Baku has spectacular sea views and a skyline to match. The crystal clear waters and the oh so blue sky is breathtaking and refreshing.

Your guests will tap their toes in glee as they see the odd but beautiful blend this city has to offer. The flame towers are spectacular and so are the tastefully done up memorials. Cobblestone streets, narrow winding alleys, boutique houses and tons of cafés and restaurants are what Baku is made of.

The Azeri cuisine is unique and to die for. Your guests will love the Azeri tea that comes with strawberry jam. If you are looking at a destination wedding which is off the beaten track, Baku should be your number one choice.

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Socials, Bachelorette, Bachelor &
Group Activity Ideas in Azerbaijan

Sightseeing in Azerbaijan


A quaint town with cobblestone streets, Icheri Shahar has some of the most beautiful mosques, magnificent castles and terrace cafes with breathtaking architecture.

Your guests will love the 15th century Shirvan Shahs’ palace and the splendid Maiden Tower. The ancient architecture gives Icheri Shahar an old-world charm.

Your guests will love the pace as they gaze at the awesome structures that were built hundreds of years ago.


A UNESCO world heritage site, Gobustan has outstanding value for the 600,000 rock art engravings found here. These depict primitive men and their life.

Half of the world’s 700 mud volcanoes are located in Azerbaijan around Gobustan National park, along the coast of the Caspian Sea.

The Gaval Dash, a natural musical stone found in Gobustan, is a world wonder and is unique to Azerbaijan.


Yanar Dag Mountain in Azerbaijan is known for its eternal flame. Meter long flames of fire have been burning here since ancient times. In the evening, the sight is most effective. Symbolic of never ending love, this eternal fire is a true representation of eternity.


Take your guests to a shopping spree in the beautiful city of Sheki. The incredible soft silks and gorgeous textiles will leave them spoilt for choice.

The magnificent mosques with handsome minarets make a pretty picture. The ancient bathhouses and splendid castles add a wondrous charm to the place.

Roam around the city and shop till you drop. Then head to a kebab corner for some lip-smacking kebabs that will leave you asking for more.

Azerbaijan is a wondrous country to have a destination wedding. If you are looking for a unique destination with never ending wonders to see and experience, this country is your best bet.

Off the beaten track Azerbaijan is full of nice oddities that add to the culture of the place. You sure need a wedding planner here to help you get the most of this country.

Enjoy Azerbaijan for a very different and unique experience. The land of fire is sure to ignite flames of undying love in your hearts.
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