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Weddings in Greece
Expert Planning Guide

Greece & the Greek Islands are known for 3 things - a glorious ancient civilization, amazing beaches and big fat Greek weddings! Greece is so rich in culture and beauty that it never seems to be completely explored, no matter how many times you visit it. After all, this is one of the reasons why Greece always gets featured in the list of the top places for Indian destination weddings.

Want a picture postcard wedding destination? That is Greece. Everything you’ve heard about the beauty of this ancient country or every scenic location that you might have seen in movies is absolutely true. Whether it’s a luxury wedding at a dreamy villa on the cliff-sides of Mykonos or a beach wedding at the vast sandy beaches in Rhodes, Greece is simply bursting with uniquely beautiful locations to have a one of its kind destination wedding.
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Athens' Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport is the main airport. Flights to Athens from India are a 1 stop flight with a layover at Dubai, Bahrain or Abu Dhabi.


To travel to Greece, Indian citizens will need to get a Schengen tourist visa. You can get more details on the Schengen visa application process on the VFS Global website.

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The best time to visit Greece is from May to early July when the weather is pleasantly warm and makes perfect conditions for lovely couples looking at outdoor activities.

September to October are autumn months when the skies are clear and an occasional shower can make the weather quite pleasant.

Does your 'happily ever after' begin here?

Choosing the right destination is the hardest, but most exciting part. Let us help.

Leave us your contact information and our expert wedding planner will get in touch with you right away.

Getting Married in Greece
Legal Requirements & Documentation

Civil and religious ceremonies are both considered legal in Greece. There are no resident or medical requirements. However, it is advisable to have a legal ceremony in your home country and then have a symbolic ceremony in Greece as it can take up to months to get the legal procedures in place within the bureaucratic setup there. Foreigners not living in Greece can usually use the marriage certificate issued in their own country to get permissions for a Greek wedding.


1. Passports,
2. Certified copy of birth certificates,
3. Divorce decree or death certificates, if applicable,
4. Certificate of No Impediment in English and Greek, stating that you are at least 18 and are legally free to marry.
5. A copy of a wedding notice, one for the bride and one for the groom, published at least eight days ahead of time in the Greek language newspaper of the community where the marriage license is being applied for. Names should be phonetically written in Greek.

For civil marriages, copies of the above documents; one set each for a bride and groom have to be submitted to the Mayor of the community / location that you wish to get married in. A license will be issued 8 days later and will be valid for 6 months to marry anywhere in Greece. Once the license is issued, another application must be submitted to the mayor of the community where the marriage will take place. That official then sets the date for the ceremony.

For religious marriages, please note that Christians with non-Christians and Jews with non-Jews are not permitted. As for the documents, the same set of documents mentioned above have to be taken to the presiding Church leader, who then applies for the license on your behalf.

Post the wedding ceremony, you will need to register at the vital statistics office of the community within 40 days from the ceremony. You will be issued a marriage certificate 3 days later.

Greek Wedding
Customs & Traditions

Gifting Sugar-coated almonds or koufeta to the marrying couple is a classic Greek tradition. The white of the almond symbolizes purity, the almond’s egg shape represents fertility, and the almond’s hardness personifies the endurance of the marriage. The sweet sugar then suggests the sweetness of married life.
Another unique ceremony in Greek weddings is the crowning ceremony. The priest holds the crown in his right hand while blessing the Groom three times after which he places the crown on his head. He then repeats the same with the bride and after this; the crown is exchanged between the groom and bride three times.

Wedding Destinations in Greece


Mykonos is an island of luxury that will engulf your special day in all its glamour. Elegant villas, suites with private pools that merge with a blue horizon, five-star service, and gourmet gastronomy served to you on dreamy balconies, on a yacht or on a private pier.

Mykonos hasn’t failed to surprise all its visitors with a level of hospitality that has set a benchmark of its own.


Santorini is an island immortalised by artists, painters and poets! The picture perfect sunsets in Santorini simply makes creativity erupt within you like a volcano – just as Santorini is.

Say your wedding vows at a vineyard or at a luxury resort; you are certain to have a wild and natural colour theme of blue seas, red volcanic rocks and black crusts!

Selecting the right destination
is just the beginning!

Planning a wedding from afar can be overwhelming & stressful. Fortunately, you’re in good company!

We'll be there on your big day to make sure you don't have to worry about a thing! Our job is to look after every detail, so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Socials, Bachelorette, Bachelor &
Group Activity Ideas in Greece


Get pampered like a Greek Goddess and party like there’s no tomorrow! Greece is the perfect venue to have your hen-party! Sip on your coolers while you look over stunning views, and by night, party without your shackles! The Greeks know how to party and they will show you how at the numerous popular night clubs.


Greece is all about yachts, sexy people, world class clubs and breath-taking scenery! A great destination to plan your Bachelor party! Whether you opt for Mykonos, Santorini or even Athens!

Go on a bachelor sailing cruise around the beautiful Greek islands, under the sails of your privately chartered sailing yacht! If it was the Greek way, your bachelor party would last for 1 to 3 days but then again, you have the option to make your own plans!

Greece Sightseeing

On your special day you always want everything to be perfect, so that you and all your guests can create an impeccable memory for a lifetime.

Step one to doing that is choosing a destination as flawless as your expectations. Greece combines scenic views, dramatic natural sets, a touch of ancient mythology, great food and ample options to make even a choosey bride or groom absolutely satisfied.

Step two to achieving all the above is enough research, planning and of course the immaculate execution for which you must collaborate with the best destination wedding planner whose only aspiration is to make happily ever afters for lovely couples like you!
Let's discuss your special day!
We are always looking for new ways to make your destination wedding the best experience of your life. If you have a vision, we have the means to make it happen.

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Whether you envision your ceremony on the powdery white sand beaches of Koh Samui or in a lavish palace in the Swiss Alps or in an oasis in the middle of the Omani desert, destination wedding venues and resorts can fit every budget and taste.
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